I weep. At the immense gratitude that lives in my heart.
At the beauty that surrounds me every day.

I weep. Knowing that love is always ready to shower down on me. Through me.
For the incredible people that exist in my world.
All over the world.

I weep. At our capacity for love. To love.
At our capacity for compassion and empathy.
At our capacity for forgiveness and generosity.

I weep. Hearing about acts of hate, rage, desperation, ignorance, homophobia, racism, sexism.

I weep. Imagining the suffering of those who have experienced unnecessary loss and pain due to these things.
Seeing the destruction of our planet and of ourselves.
Seeing so much separation and not enough cooperation.

I weep. Knowing that I play a part in both the beauty and ugliness of this human world.
Recognizing my own demons and monsters that want to kill and rage.
Recognizing my own pain and suffering.
Feeling an overwhelming sense of compassion. Wanting to right the wrongs of the world.

I weep. Knowing that really, truly, all will be well.
Trusting in the power of love.
Choosing to hold a high vision. For us. For our planet.

Choosing to start with me.

I weep. I pray. I weep. I give thanks. I weep. I trust. I weep. I surrender.