We so desperately want to connect.

To each other.

To our hearts.

To the divine.


We so desperately want to enjoy our existence.

Share in the fun of life.

Experience nature in its full expression.

Experience our true nature in its full expression.

Experience the beauty of others in their full expression.


We so desperately want to be understood.

Heard. Felt. Seen.

We want others to share in the magic of life itself.

With us.


We so desperately want to know that we matter.

That we are valued.





We divide.

We judge.

We point fingers and project our pain.

We gossip and destroy.

We check out.


We worship gadgets that keep us from connecting.

We allow manipulation.




We ignore and deny

Our pain.

Individual and collective.


We think our story is the only story.

We isolate.

We shame.

We reject and abandon.



We blame others for the pain in our hearts.

The hole that seems to never be filled.



We are whole. We are worthy. We are Connected.

Go inside and see what is there.


Allow for all of it to be released and healed.

Accept the demons and negativity

…as cries for help

…as the little girl or little boy wanting attention

…as teachers and guides

To bring us back home

To what is true.

To what is real.


Hold up the mirror

Look at the image staring back

See all that is there

Accept, forgive, understand

Ask questions and be loving

Challenge the stories held within

Challenge the stubborn beliefs and opinions

Invite the healing to begin

Cry. Laugh.



Be courageous.

Be vulnerable.

Be real.

Tell the truth.

Speak your values and embody them.

Do the work.

Experience relief.




Be willing to lose everything.

To empty.

To be in the spaciousness.

Which is full of life.


Which is home.

Welcome home.