Dearest Dreamer ~

How did we get here?

How did this dream life come to be?

From a small town Minnesota girl to a California dreamer to a world traveler, artist and teacher…how can this be?

Who was that awkward little girl who felt inferior, average, shy, and so very unsure of herself for most of her life?

Is she still in there? Yes. Damn right she is. But she has acquired something along the way. It’s called COURAGE.

Perhaps it was during those 2 and 1/2 years after an incredible heart break where she had to find out who she was again. Perhaps it was that leap of faith she took when she decided to move west to follow a deep internal pull. Perhaps it was during all of those tiny little steps (and giant ones too) that she has taken since. Saying “yes!” and saying “no” according to her heart’s desires. Listening to that inner voice and following the stirrings of her heart.

I would like to invite you and me…to pause for a moment and really appreciate the courage that we have cultivated over this lifetime.

Because this life requires a hefty dose of courage.

And we all have it.

We have all been through things that have chewed us up and spit us out.

We’ve been betrayed, abandoned, disrespected, abused in some shape or form…whether it has been by others or by ourselves.

This courage exists and it is ready to be utilized even more, as we continue to honor ourselves and our own dreams and desires.

I want you to think of a moment recently where a dream was made true. Please oh please honor and acknowledge the courage that it took for you to realize this dream.

I’ve had so many of these moments lately, but one of the most recent ones was performing side by side with my beloved dance teacher (photo above) during her recent workshop weekend in SB. At this point I cannot say “no” to this woman because I love her fire and her courage to move forward. I want to be more and more like this. Just going for it! And when your teacher invites you to perform with her, you go for it!

In the name of courage I salute you. I salute me.

Keep it up!