Oh waves of illusion!

Oh darkness and despair!

You once seduced me

With your enchanting eyes and luscious lips.


You teased and tricked me into believing

I am alone.





The light is bright and all lies exposed.

This is child’s play!

A comedy. A farce.


You are the great joker

I was a fool for loving you.

Serving you.

Devouring you like a hungry wolf.


There is no going back.

All is clear.

My home is golden.

Lit with one hundred thousand lamps.


In this place

My heart holds the entire cosmos

In this place

There is no striving, struggle or strategy


In this place

I shine

I am the one


I amplify the light of consciousness

I amplify the light of the universe

I amplify the light of the divine


All else falls away

as grace descends

All else is destroyed

As the truth becomes the anchor

All else is a joke

As I return home

Again and again