Have you dreamed of traveling to India?

Are you looking for new experiences and sweet adventures that will enrich your life and further open your heart?

Are you ready to enjoy the blessings of Mother India, with other like-minded women in a small and safe group?

Rajasthan * Rishikesh * Golden Temple

Our 21-day adventure begins in Delhi where we meet as a group and then venture to our first incredible area of N. India…


The first major leg of our journey begins in beautiful Rajasthan, home of Kalbelia Gypsies, majestic camels, hundreds of temples, forts, delicious food and the best shopping! Rajasthan is culturally rich and it’s art, music and dance traditions reflect an ancient way of life. We begin in Udaipur, a place fit for queens and kings, where you will feel like royalty! Next we visit Pushkar, a holy pilgrimage site where will stay in a beautiful Haveli called Seventh Heaven and enjoy sunset nagara drumming, optional Rajasthani cooking classes and hikes to Goddess temples. Then on to Jodhpur, the blue city, where we will tour the fort and shop in the beautiful markets and bazaars. Our last stop in Rajasthan will be beautiful Jaisalmer, where we take camel rides, enjoy traditional music and dance, and visit the many artisans and sweet little shops.




Next we travel by plane to a beautiful spiritual site and respite, Rishikesh. Known as the Yoga Capitol of the World, enjoy all that this area has to offer…yoga and meditation classes, hiking, relaxing and unwinding from the world. You will also have the opportunity to attend daily puja ceremonies. Rishikesh is Kathy’s second home, where she spent many years volunteering in an orphanage. We will get to meet the orphans, and eat in the amazing “Ramana’s Garden Cafè”, where the food we eat is organically grown right there on the property!




From Rishikesh we fly to Amritsar, home of the Golden Temple, considered one of the most sacred temples in India. A place of unity and equality, this holy site welcomes all to seek spiritual solace and fulfillment no matter your background or religious (or non-religious) affiliation. The Golden Temple holds an incredible amount of energy. We will walk around it slowly, listening to the beautiful chanting and watch the koi fish swim. Then we quietly enter and find a place to sit and take it all in. So much gold, so many devotees and worshippers. The energy inside is unforgettable.

At the end of our trip we return to Dehli via train for last minute shopping as well as rest!




Your lovely guides will arrange for all of our travel needs (hotel booking, train and bus tickets, plus one group meal per day). Classes like yoga, meditation, dance and cooking are extra, as well as other extra-curricular activities on your own or with members of our group.

Hotels will all be 3 stars and above. Expect to travel by plane, train, bus, as well as taxis and rikshaws as needed. Every day will include at least one group activity, but there will be plenty of time for exploration, relaxtion, and solitude.

Our goal is to provide an experience that is gently guided and safe, yet with room for much freedom, less time constraints or structure. We will not be rushing around but savoring each special place on our tour. This will give you the opportunity to connect to the land, people, animals in a deeper way.

“This trip continues to deepen within me and I have a sweet spot for mother India. Thank you both for stretching and creating the virgin voyage for us…it was magical!” ~ Kate Wilhelm 

“So enjoyed this past year’s adventure…..hope to go again in 2 years!” ~ Dayna Jordan

“Again…again…again, I continue to feel happy, joyful, blessed and filled with appreciation and gratitude for this trip of a lifetime. Thank you for this journey to the inner and the outer. Simply epic! Lisa and Kathy, thank you! Without your leap of faith, we would not have taken ours.”  ~ Carol Jimenez

“If you feel even the slightest nudge to go on this trip, don’t even hesitate…GO! You will experience India in the best way possible…it’s incredible heart, lovely people, fascinating culture, exquisite food, thrilling beauty, awesome shopping, the colors, the spices, the chanting, the camels, the chai!!…I could go on and on. All this lead by 2 amazing women that will enthusiastically share their love and knowledge of this vibrant and sacred world with a group of like hearted women. This trip is the perfect balance of structure with plenty of freedom to roam on your own. I will relish this magical journey forever. And you will too, you simply must go!” ~ Yvonne Roza




Kindermusik with Kathy founder, Kathy Hayden, and dancer, drummer, choreographer and performer, Lisa Beck, have been friends for years. Their shared love of drum and dance brought them close when Kathy signed up for Lisa’s Bollywood dance classes and women’s drumming workshops in 2010. Since then, they have been soul sisters and have a deep passion for changing the world through music & dance.

Kathy spent 4 glorious trips (of up to 6 months at a time) in India prior to offering our first tour in Dec 2016, where she volunteered at orphanages, trekked in the mountains of the North, and sipped chai with new friends in Rajasthan. Her heart beats wildly in this luscious and nurturing land. She

​It wasn’t until Lisa visited India for a dance residency in January of 2016 that this friendship and sisterhood reached a new level. They found a new bond. One that would change both of their lives forever.

​Lisa has found a new home-away-from-home in India, through her classical dance studies in Pushkar, a blossoming clothing and jewelry design business in Rajasthan, yoga studies in both north and south India, and through the amazing connections she has made over the past 7 visits since 2016.

​They are both extremely passionate about sharing their love, respect and admiration for India and the people of this land. They are both experienced group leaders and guides, and have created a spiritually rich and exciting adventure for you this December! Their first two trips have been huge successes, and they look forward to making this an annual journey for a small select group of women every year!


November 2023

Approx. cost of tour: $3850 per person single registration / $3650 per person double registration (ex: mother/daughter)

$500 non-refundable deposit secures your spot


Included in the cost for 21 days: overnight accommodations (double occupancy), daily breakfast, all transportation costs within India (train & domestic flights, private group taxi service + tips). Lisa and Kathy take care of ALL OF THE DETAILS for you. Experience ease as you travel with us! We want to make your first (or returning) trip to India as smooth as possible.

If you are interested in single room for privacy, there is a $500 additional charge.

Not included in the cost: airfare to India, travel health insurance (required), daily lunch and dinner (average $5 per meal), extra excursions or activities (yoga, meditation, dance classes)

*It usually takes two days to get to India. Check itineraries and discounted airfares at http://www.momondo.com

Please see our cancellation policy 

India Tour FAQ:

1. Is India safe for women travelers?

​Yes. Traveling in India is safe, especially when you are with a group and guides. We are taking you to heavily traveled and touristed places. We don’t recommend walking alone at night, especially as a woman…but this goes for every city and town in the world!

Read my 5 travel tips here.

​Read this blog about one woman’s opinion on traveling in India and safety. We coudn’t agree with her more!

Is it Safe for Women to Travel in India?

2. Do you recommend travel insurance?

​Yes. Visit Lonely Planet Travel Insurance Page for info and recommendation

​3. Can we use our cell phone in India?

​The best (and cheapest) thing to do is to keep your phone on airplane mode and enjoy free WiFi calling via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. You can always check with your carrier on roaming and international rates. Both Lisa and Kathy will have Indian phone numbers which you will receive prior to leaving the US.

​Please note: The WiFi and electricity go out from time to time in certain areas of Rajasthan (especially Pushkar) so be aware that you may not always be connected in this way.

4. What will the weather be like in Northern India in January? How should I dress?

​Delhi and Rajasthan will be warm during the days (70’s and 80’s) and cool in the early mornings and evenings (50’s and 60’s). Rishikesh is cooler with average temperatures from the low 40’s (in mornings and evenings) to high 60’s (day time). Bring plenty of layers. Jeans, long pants, long sleeved shirts, scarves and pashminas recommended for the cooler locations. A jacket, knit hat and gloves are sometimes needed. Long skirts, light long pants, thin short and long sleeved shirts (no sleeveless), and thin scarves for warmer day time locations.

5. Will I get sick?

​You might. Lisa has never gotten sick in India (knock on wood). But it does happen to travelers. Bring any necessary supplements, medications, etc. AND use common sense and your intuition. Don’t drink unfiltered water. Don’t eat veggies washed in unfiltered water. Most hotels and restaurants use filtered water, but ask if you are unsure. Eat mostly cooked food. Don’t drink lassi’s at night (morning is freshest).

Supplements: Lisa recommends Grapefruit seed extract (put a few drops in your water bottle every day) and charcoal pills (for absorbing toxins in the gut). Start taking probiotics (if you don’t already) at least a month ahead.

​A note on food: Indian food will be our staple (mostly vegetarian), but many towns and cities serve amazing Italian, Israeli, and Nepalese food

6. What are the hotel rooms like?

​You will be sharing your room with one other person, and most likely you will be sharing one large double bed with your roommate. This is how they do it in India. In Pushkar most of us will have our own bed, but most other places you will share bed. You may be able to pay for an extra bed added to your room if needed. The rooms we have chosen are clean, pleasant, with hot water, and heaters. The bathrooms have standard toilets and some are European-style.

7. Do we tip in India?

​Yes. Try to always have several 10 and 20 rupee notes, as well as coins to tip our drivers, servers and hotel staff. They make very little money and appreciate any $ gratitude we can offer them as thanks. We usually suggest at least 10%.

8. What is your cancellation policy?

**Cancellation Policy:

  • If for some reason you need to cancel, you will receive 100% credit towards an upcoming retreat (within 2 years) if you cancel 90 days or more prior to the start of our trip
  • You will receive 50% credit towards an upcoming retreat if you cancel 31-90 days prior to the start of our trip
  • 0-30 days cancelation you will receive 0% credit

If for some reason you decide to leave during the retreat/tour, no refunds or credit will be offered.

If by some unforeseen events or happenings we cancel the retreat, we will refund you all deposits and payments. We cannot however compensate you for airfare or travel costs incurred. In the unlikely event that we must cancel due to weather, natural disaster or political upheaval, we cannot guarantee a refund – it will be depending on receiving refunds from the property, taxi companies, etc. To cover these risks we highly recommend you purchase travel insurance (the best way to protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances (like weather, natural disaster, lost baggage, medical expenses, etc).