photo by Blueberry Hill Photography


Dreamy One ~

If you haven’t noticed already, I love talking about dreams.

I love declaring them. Manifesting them. Celebrating them.

I love watching my friend’s dreams come true.

I love visiting my dreams every day. Feeling into them. Wondering about them. Visualizing them.

They are mysterious but pulsing with life. Beating at my chest. Whispering in my ears.

You see this girl has many dreams.

And lately these dreams have caused her to make major changes and shifts in her life, business, and relationships.

It’s as if her entire life framework is shifting to fit the expansion and realization of these powerful dreams.

These dreams are requiring her to say “good bye” more often…to the people, animals, places that she loves…and to the idea of “home” that she has cultivated over the past 16 or 17 years. These dreams are requiring her to live out of a suitcase for most of the year.

They speak of 17 hour train rides, 22 hour flights, adventures on rikshaws, taxis, buses…and on motorcycles and camels through the Thar desert and mountains of Rajasthan.

They speak of temples, devotional dance, spiritual expansion, exploring new ways of learning and teaching (skype, anyone?), living and being in relationship.

Saying “yes” to more opportunities that scare her.

They also speak about a global family. Of relationships and connections that go way beyond geographical borders.

They speak of unknown, unseen, but felt energies and experiences to come. This is that “inner pull” which is so often hard to ignore or deny.

These dreams and the realizations of them have caused much discomfort, some anxiety, and even pain.

And we know that living our lives in comfort and ease 100% of the time is not actually “living.”

Learning, stretching, moving beyond our so-called limitations, breaking through our ceilings and recalibrating our entire existence requires much discomfort and upheaval. And this requires courage. A quality that I love and admire. A quality I wrote about a recent post.

What is causing you to stretch and move in new directions? What is beating at your chest, whispering in your ears, pulling you towards it? I’d love to hear about it.

Sweet dreams ahead, dear one!