What lights me up is connecting with others who are devoted to their own personal transformation and spiritual evolution. What inspires me is to surround myself with artists, visionaries, and collaborators who want to co-create a NEW paradigm – one that prioritizes connection, support, community, generosity, and creative expression. 

My mission is not only to inspire you towards that inner work, but to give you tools to begin that beautiful blossoming – today.

I specialize in embodiment. As a dancer, performer and teacher ~ I create a sacred and safe space for you to engage your body, move in love, release tension and toxicity, and dance with JOY. 

I have trained extensively in West African Dance and Drum, Odissi Classical Dance as well as various yoga styles; and have studied Belly Dance, Tribal Fusion, Brazilian Contemporary, Afro Brazilian, Samba, and have been a singer since I was performing in my church children’s choir on Sundays. Music lives and moves inside me. Rhythm comes naturally, and connects me to the heartbeat of existence. 

Through dance, breath, meditation, and chanting, we engage the brain and body and access parts of ourselves ready to be awakened and set free. I invite you to join me on this journey towards greater vitality and joy-filled living! I support you as you step further into the truth of who you are.

With love,




DANCE & YOGA – Embodiment

An ardent dancer of many forms for decades, Lisa travels regularly to India to imbibe the richness of the Motherland. She is a devoted Odissi Classical Indian dance student of Shakti School of Dance with Colleena Shakti and the creator of an unique style of Indian fusion. She is a prolific teacher and choreographer and a dynamic performer who travels the world to study, teach, and be a bridge for East and West.

In her former life in Santa Barbara, Lisa specialized in West African Dance and Drum, taught a popular Bollywood dance class for years, and studied and performed Afro Brazilian, Middle Eastern, Contemporary, and Tribal Fusion dance styles.

Lisa is a practitioner of Vinyasa Krama Yoga and has studied Hatha, Yin and Ashtanga Yoga styles over the past decade. She has studied extensively with Colleena Shakti and student teaches VKY for Shakti School of Dance and Shakti Summer School.

TRAVEL – Expansion & Connection

Lisa takes women to North India (Rajasthan, Rishikesh, and Amritsar) with her amazing tour partner, Kathy Hayden, to visit temples, forts, palaces, experience camel tours, pujas and other spiritual rituals and programs, as well as traditional dance and music performances; and to Greece with her other amazing tour partner, Elina Kikili, to experience the healing Mediterranean sea and climate, visit temples, ruins, swim, eat nourishing foods, and so much more!

Traveling on one of Lisa’s group tours is unique in important ways. Each group is limited to 10 women so that deeper connections and lifelong friendships can be made. The tours focus on a limited number of stops so that there is more time spent in each city or town and there is less rushing around and moving from place to place. Each day during the tours includes hours of free time, so that participants are able to freely explore or simply rest and have down time.

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ADORNMENT – Celebration of Life and Beauty

Lisa found her unique style and fashion sense in India. It is a great joy and passion to discover, curate and design unique one-of-a-kind items for women who value elegance, femininity, softness and vibrant colors.

Up-cycled and repurposed clothing, hand block printed and indigo dyed cotton, hand embroidered bags, luscious oils, and Rajasthani silver jewelry are her passions. Lisa carefully selects hand crafted elegant items that people can enjoy for years.

Bridging East and West!

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