Opening the front door, I am greeted by a smile I haven’t seen in over 3 months. This smile greeted me every day, multiple times a day and was followed by “Namaste Lisa-Ji” or “Good morning Lisa-Ji” while I lived here this past January.

Shakti at reception at INN Seventh Heaven always made me feel so welcomed and taken care of. The last time I saw him I was crying so much.

Not ready to go. Not ready to say “good bye”.

Little did I know I would be right back in this beloved town less than 4 months later.

As I walk inside I see so many familiar sights. A large beautiful fountain with illuminated candles. Vines that begin on the bottom floor and reach all the way to the rooftop restaurant where more familiar faces and smiles await. Friends. Family. I see the beautiful chair swings with pillows decorated with images of Krishna and Ganesh the elephant God.

I smile. Big.

It was surreal that first night. To be back in this place which nurtured me as I gradually fell deeply in love with this place.

What an epic month of discovery and transformation that was.

It is pure joy to look at the beautiful sunset over Pushkar from my favorite rooftop in this town. Once again.


Am I in a dream?

No. I am actually here. I wanted more of this place and I manifested it. Magically and with so much ease. It boggles my mind.

It is something I wanted with all of my heart and I was willing to do what was needed to make it happen. And, I totally surrendered and allowed it to unfold in the way it was supposed to.

I simply said YES to India. I was clear that I wanted it. No matter how hot I knew it was going to be (over 100 degrees daily), I was hungry for more India.

That first week I spent in Delhi at the Women Economic Forum. This was the main reason for my trip. To represent Santa Barbara and to share some of me with the women and men who attended this special yearly event.

I was inspired. I was nervous. I was excited. I met awesome women. I attended great talks on Women and Travel (my new favorite), Yoga and Pranayama, Money Management, Spirituality, Environmentalism, Leadership, and more.

The missing piece for me during the first few days of the forum was movement. Even the yoga and breath work talks were light on interaction. So I was happy to fill this missing piece with dance.

I taught a beautiful pranam (reverential salutation) before Tia Walker showed the Women of Bhakti movie. At the end of the screening and discussion we practiced the pranam one more time. Everyone loved it.

After a joint presentation on unleashing creativity the next day, I led everyone in a beautiful fluid movement exercise that had them breathing and connecting to their desires. After the session I put on some Bollywood music and we had a spontaneous dance party right then and there. It was magic.


Wild energy.

This is what music and dance does for us.

Embodiment. Living, breathing and being.

What an honor to be there to create the space for it. I hope to play a bigger role at future forums.


Over a week later and I am sitting here in beautiful, hot, dusty Rajasthan overlooking this.   beautiful sweet town and feeling immense gratitude for all of the helping hands that got me here.

This leg of my trip is the longest, and I have been on my own since I left Delhi. Alone but never truly alone. I am happy to be around familiar faces and smiles.

This town has given me new friends. Brothers. Family.

Yesterday someone asked me what my favorite thing about India is.

The people. Absolutely hands down.


I love the food.
I love the beautiful bright clothing and unique jewelry.
I love the warm orange glow of the sun that is unique to this place.
I love the cows and monkeys and regal camels of Rajasthan.

But there is nothing like seeing those smiles, bright eyes and feeling the warmth and love from the people of India. The generosity and kindness overwhelmed me in January, and now I am just soaking it all up and receiving it with much gratitude.

This place reminds me that life is short. To get caught up in the dramas and silliness of the ego is such a waste of time. We are all just here doing the best we can. Life is so much sweeter when we are kind, loving, generous and open.

Travel is an essential element to expanding ones spiritual path. The journey which led me to this moment has taught me that there are no obstacles except the ones we create.


In the past I would have said that this trip wasn’t possible. That it would have been irresponsible for me to embark on another India journey so soon after my first trip. That I couldn’t afford it. That it was too good to be true.

Now I know that when our heart’s desires are honored and celebrated, anything is possible in this life.

I am here in Pushkar for only a few days more.

I will be back. Soon.

Once again I take the smiles and love from the people here home with me. I hope to share at least a tiny drop of the love I have gathered here with my family and friends back home.

In humble gratitude,