After several weeks of travel, with a sore back and jet lag still lodged in the body, I came to my dance practice this past Friday hoping to get myself going and feeling good again.

My legs trembled as I went through the Odissi practice. I fumbled through most of the stepping that I have worked so hard on over the past few years.

“I suck!” (I thought to myself)

Then, I fumbled some more as I tried to prop up my video camera (cannot find that damn tri-pod) to film a drum video for my students.

“Argh! Forget it all!”

I still had another hour booked in the studio. I was fuming and sad and mad. I decided that I could use the time to work on Bollywood choreography for upcoming classes and for my dance company.


As soon as the music started, my face lit up and a smile grew wide on my face. Bollywood does it again.

We all have those moments where we feel like a loser, failure, or just “off.” Sometimes we are able to pull up and out of the funk we are in, and sometimes not.

But are stress levels and anxiety levels at an all time high? Do these down days and moments seem to trip us up more than ever?

It seems, to me, that there is a huge undercurrent of change happening. Lots of unpredictability and major transition. I guess we could say that it has always been this way.

That change is the only guarantee in this life and that it is no different than any other time.

But I disagree. I know more people going through incredible (and often painful) transitions and changes in their lives right now (including myself).

There is an energy building, and each one of us is riding the sometimes tumultuous and scary waves in this sea of change.

Things are shifting, like the plates of the earth.

Change is upon us. We are being asked to go with it and allow it to move through us with incredible faith and resilience, or fight it and lose.

We are being asked to consider new ways of living, co-existing, and creating our reality…because what once was working no longer is so.

In the political realm, for example, we can see and feel the chaos clearly. What the hell is going on there? 

The violence and terror that is happening around the world (and in our backyard), the political storm we are in, and the individual transformations that are occurring in our personal lives all lead to a message so big and clear to me.

Something needs to die in order to make space for the NEW.

What is it in your life? What is it in the political arena, environmental arena, and greater world issues (human and animal rights, terrorism, etc)? What is the upcoming election telling us about who we are as a people and culture? What needs to die? And I’m not talking about a particular person…but an energy, a way of being and thinking that exists in each of us. The shadows we see out there are a reflection. What are you ready to let go of?

In order to transform and create something new. Better. More beautiful.

These are all questions to ponder, my dear.

And when these little frustrating moments happen…when I just feel off and not completely in my body, my stress levels rise to great heights in a very short time these days.

Because my mind and nervous system sometimes feel like they are on overdrive. And these little occurrences add up. We just keep piling them up until we feel like we are walking around with a ton of weight on our shoulders.

That is why it is the most important time for me (and for you) to take a step back, do what needs to be done in order to find inner peace and calm, to lighten the load, but most of all feel the feelings that rise up in us.

Don’t push them away or stuff them inside. Feel them. Allow the tears to flow. Express yourself (in a safe way). Be truthful and honest with yourself and others. And, don’t identify so strongly with what is happening in your life and your emotions. These are the waves on the sea of change.

So feel them. Identify them. Bless them. And then?

Put on some Bollywood music and rock out. Or do something that puts you in a joyful or more energized state. Then make an action plan to move forward.

Because you are going to need all of your strength, vitality, love and openness to navigate the new waters ahead. They will be glorious at times and difficult too…so we need to take care of ourselves, do a lot of releasing and letting go and trust in the divine order of things.

Change is not shiny and pretty. It is rough and edgy. It pushes us beyond our comfort zones. It take a lot of courage.

All will be well. Know this.

And here is another way to take a load off…one of my most popular videos…on dealing with overwhelm. Enjoy. We can do this.