Move. Breathe. Flow.

From India to YOU, live via Zoom or via recording (available for 48 hours)

“Restorative Dance with you is just what the body needed.  My nervous system came down a few notches.  I even felt my brain focus better.  Movements were gentle and alive! Thank you, Thank you, looking forward next class.  Love, smiles, and winks!” ~ Jo 

“It is a brilliant, heart-opening way to start the week (as opposed to rolling out of bed and going straight to my desk for work!). And I so appreciate the sweet community of beautiful women around you.” ~ Christine



Mondays: Oct 25, Nov 1, 8, 15

8 am PST / 11 am EST

Cost: $60 for series

Register HERE

All Levels.

Move your body in fluid and graceful ways that will help you to ground, center and connect. Breathe into your joints, free your spine and hips, release tension and stress through graceful movements and simple combos that will leave you feeling more open, awake, relaxed and vibrant.

Lisa will gently guide you in this 1 hour class, taking inspiration from her many years of yoga and dance study, practice and teaching (including West African, Contemporary, Brazilian and Indian dance). All levels welcome! Please have a yoga mat and bottle of water nearby.

Structure of class:

  • Opening seated meditation & breath
  • Gentle seated warm-up for head, neck, shoulders, chest, spine, hips and legs
  • Standing warm up to open the heart, energize the entire body and embody FLOW
  • Pranam (salutation) to Mother Earth
  • New combos and choreography sequences to enliven your body, mind, spirit
  • Cool down for centering and gratitude