HemaWorking with Lisa Beck was an incredible experience. She is talented, so creative and absolutely a blast to work with. I am inspired by her teaching and her choreography!

Hemalayaa (International Yoga, Dance + Fitness Educator)



VanessaI highly recommend Lisa’s classes. She has a sweet energy and fire that will keep you going…her classes will inspire you to dance with Joy!

Vanessa Isaac (Dancer, Choreographer, Author)




10418343_10203258100387838_306430846705257476_nI have been a dancer for many lifetimes. Living in Santa Barbara for 4 years, I searched for a dance teacher that could evoke the temple dancer feeling in me. When I found you, I felt I was home again. Taking your dance class has helped me connect to my body in a way that is more sensual and feminine. Your teaching style is crisp and fun! The music is exciting and brings back so many memories of India.

Aparna Khanolkar (Private Chef, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor)



RachelShe sings, she dances West African and Bollywood, she’s a fabulous djembe and djun djun player, dance choreographer, and she’s able to share these passions with her dance students who can’t seem to get enough of her classes!

Rachel S. Thurston (Photographer, Author, Musician)



krisoster-81 copyLisa’s leadership, teachings and choreography are second to none. And after working with her you’ll think that you stepped into an alternate universe. A universe where you can be anything you dream of.

Kris Oster (Marketing Muse, Mermaid-Inspired Mentor, Writer + Drummer)



407059_10201138316283203_1630384001_nLisa is a fully committed and compassionate dancer. She lives in tune with her divine nature while always thirsting for more knowledge in her craft in life in general. She brings a heartfelt joy to everything she does and shares it with those around her.

– Nadra Ehrman (Dancer, Choreographer)




More wonderful words for Lisa Beck Living

YES! What a living breathing expression of inspiration you are, thank you for sharing the truths that touch us all. – Aubrey Falk (Artist, Dancer)

Sister of Grace, Power and Beauty, Lisa..you shine so bright and with such wisdom and pure devotion, I love your steward and your brillance everyday. – Kathe Burns (Filmmaker, Teacher, Dancer)
My world changed when I met Lisa Beck. She inspired & encouraged me to break the chains that held me too tight and she brought me to a place where I can finally feel free. My soul thanks her. – Joann Rothman (Drummer, Dancer)

Lisa blesses the world around her by following her bliss! The passion that she exudes while dancing AND teaching could only expand others’ experience of THE DANCE. – Eve Jaquias-Johnson (Dancer, Joy Maker)
Lisa, you have helped me open up to love myself more. Thank you for all you do and the lives you touch through dance. – Malisa Neal (Dancer)

Thank you for bringing your practice, knowledge and passion to all of us in Minnesota. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect on the drum and in the dance. You have a beautiful way of keeping it down to earth and easy to just be while learning and exploring the creative process. – Laura Randall (Dancer, Drummer)

Thank you so much for holding this space of joy, expression and healing!  – Alaina Hernandez (Dancer)