The Fullness of Woman

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Dear Beauty, Regardless of your gender, can you embrace the fullness of woman? Her inner and outer beauty as well as her “flaws”? I have been reflecting on all aspects of woman this past week. Perhaps it is because I’m surrounded by them every day all day in my dance school. Women of all ages […]

Discomfort. Our most powerful teacher. Listen closely.

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  Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy. ~ Nicholas Sparks Last week I was scolded. I experienced a moment of rebellion mixed with poor judgement. I acted with good intentions but also a little ignorance and naïveté. I was then confronted by a woman who would have none of it. I felt raw. Misunderstood. Very shaken […]

Dance yourself open. Dance yourself free.

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Have you ever had an experience that left you feeling as if you’d been completely rearranged inside and out? Then memories and impressions from that experience proceed to seep through every moment of your waking day…and even color your dreams at night with vibrance and electricity? I had one of those experiences last week as […]