Dearest One ~

You already ARE that which you are seeking. Stop looking outside of yourself for the love, Joy, excitement that will make you whole, worthy, lovable. All fleeting. All temporary. All illusion.

What is true is that deep inside that beautiful heart of yours exists a wholeness, a completeness, a connectedness… a love so incredible, infinite… so powerful that nothing on the outside can and ever will match it.

I used to take pride in all that I was able to manifest in my life… All the vision boards and visioning workbooks I did every new year gave me such a high as I pictured all my dreams coming true. And when I did manifest all the things I envisioned? My ego skyrocketed. I had figured life out. Bam! I was a goal-accomplishing manifesting maven. Nothing could stop me from crafting my life just as I wanted. How easy this was!

Then, when things started to fall apart and all that I was envisioning crumbled? I crumbled. My ego was crushed. Why? Because I didn’t truly believe that the gold I was searching for outside of myself existed within. I needed to fall madly in love with my heart… Myself… That place inside that connects me to all. No man, no job, no experience can give me worthiness, true happiness… only the divine within can. This is the everlasting love. I’ve had it all along.

So… everything had to drop away so I could get off my high horse and take a really good look at myself. I had to get really quiet. I had to stop projecting and expecting. I had to release attachment to everything outside. I had to stop predicting and declaring my future to others. I will not do vision boards and I will not fill out those workbooks. I will not. What I will do, every single day, is reside in my heart space, my center, my inner stillness and presence. I will fall in love here… over and over again. I will ask the divine… “What would you have me do today? How shall I serve you today? Guide me… lead me… I am ready.”

This keeps me in the present moment. This anchors me in my truth. This is the only truth.

May each of you realize the divinity that is YOU.

May you first find the joy within and release all attachments and may you be happy.


(photo by Carrie Stiles)